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    On the Savannah River in Augusta, Georgia
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    The Name Comes From
    The Historic 18th century Goodale Inn that still stands
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    Residents of Goodale Landing
    Own Their Homes and Land
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    Goodale Landing Include
    Both 2 and 3 Bedroom Designs and Range In Size From 1,900 to 2,300 Square Feet.
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    The Owner’s Suite
    Has Sliding Glass Doors Leading to a Deck Overlooking the River.
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Life on the River

Every home has stunning views of the Savannah River and the development is situated in a park-like setting.

Welcome to Goodale Landing

Goodale Landing is a 12-acre development built in 1990-1992 on the banks of the Savannah River just below downtown Augusta. The name comes from the historic 18th century Goodale Inn that still stands in its original location just off Sand Bar Ferry Road where it was the main house of the Goodale Plantation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to frequently asked questions about Goodale Landing.
  • What do I own and what is “common property?

    Just like a single-family detached home, your Goodale Landing home and the land on which it stands are your property. You are responsible for the roof, the chimney, all of the exterior wood, and for everything inside the walls including the HVAC systems. The plumbing, electrics, and cable are also the responsibility of the owner. The Association paints the exteriors and maintains driveways, grounds, gazebos, and docks. The funds used by the Association come from the owners, who pay monthly dues. Unlike a single-family detached home where owner neglect can bring down property values, Goodale Landing’s covenants require owners to keep the exteriors of their property in good condition.

  • How much are the dues and what do I need to know about special assessments?

    Association dues are $160 per month payable on the 1st. The dues cover all the expenses of maintaining 12 acres of land in a park-like setting, six gazebos, dockage for 48 boats, the exterior painting and the driveways of 48 homes. The dues also provide for the operation of the Association. Board members are owners who volunteer their time and are elected at the Annual Meeting of the homeowner’s association. Expenses too large to be included in the annual operating budget may result in a special assessment. These have been rare, and the present board has long-range financial plans that minimize the need for special assessments.

  • Can I make changes in my home?

    An owner may make changes to the interior of the home with the stipulation that these changes do not affect common walls shared with neighbors. Any changes to the exterior, however, must receive the approval of the Association and be permitted by the covenants. All exterior work to villas requires construction permits. Remember to consult the Board before you make changes in a home.

  • Can I plant things outside my home?

    The planted areas, islands, and lawns of Goodale Landing are Common Property and are maintained by the Association. Owners are not permitted to add plant material without the permission of the Board. The cost of grounds and landscaping is included in the monthly dues.

  • What is the neighborhood like?

    Goodale Landing is private property and has no thru access. New owners typically comment on how quiet it is and how friendly the neighbors are. Crime is non-existent, with many retired owners home during the day. Goodale Landing is situated in a park-like environment with abundant wildlife. The area between the development and downtown Augusta is slated for long-term change, including the addition of housing and parks. Downtown Augusta is minutes away and the Bobby Jones Expressway (I-520) easily connects residents with stores in North Augusta.

  • Can you hear your neighbors?

    A commonly asked question by those considering a move to Goodale Landing is whether owners can hear their neighbors through the common walls. Fortunately, the homes were constructed using masonry walls and “neighbor noise” is not an issue.

  • Who maintains the grounds?

    One of the benefits of living at Goodale Landing is that someone else does the yardwork—and the owners enjoy the results. A significant portion of the monthly dues collected from the owners is used to pay for grounds maintenance. A company contracted by the Association mows the lawns & levee, trims the shrubs, and blows off all the walks & driveways. The company mulches beds and treats for fire ants, weeds and diseases. The property is irrigated using water pumped from the river, an enormous savings. The irrigation system is operational from mid-April through early November and is shut down during the winter. Trees are pruned annually and improvements to the landscaping are routinely implemented.

  • What about pets?

    The covenants limit owners to two pets and require dogs to be on a leash at all times. Owners must clean up after their pets. Because there are numerous dogs living at Goodale Landing it is common courtesy to keep your dog on a leash and to clean up after it.

  • Boats and Dockage

    Every home in Goodale Landing includes dockage. There is no dockage fee and owners share the cost of maintenance. This represents a savings of several hundred dollars per month because dockage on the river at the two locations that provide space is more than $3,000 annually.

  • Is there boat storage at Goodale Landing?

    No. And the Covenants do not permit boats or trailers to be parked in driveways. There is convenient storage at several locations between Goodale Landing and downtown Augusta. Owners wishing to temporarily park a boat in their driveway in order to work on it may be permitted to do so if the boat is removed after one or two weeks.

  • Does the development have a boat ramp?

    No, but there are several located within minutes of Goodale Landing.

  • Where can I purchase boat gas?

    The only riverside gas pump is at the Augusta Marina in downtown Augusta.

  • Can cars be parked on the street?

    City ordinances govern the parking of vehicles on Riverfront and Riverbend Drives. Vehicles parked on the street must be registered and insured.

  • What is the protocol for use of the gazebos?

    When an owner wishes to use the gazebo for an event all residents in the building need to be informed so that the date & time can be cleared and problems avoided. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after any event held in a gazebo. Some owners have installed furniture in the gazebos and it is understood that all residents may use this furniture.

  • Mailboxes are located across from Buildings 1, 3 and 6.

    Mailboxes are located across from Buildings 1, 3, and 6 but out-going mail can only be left at the mailbox across from Building 3.

  • Who provides Cable Service?

    Cable service in Goodale Landing is provided by Comcast.

  • Who treats for termites?

    The association provides and pays for termite inspection. Owners will be given advance notice of inspections as it is required that the owner be present.

  • When is the Garbage Collected?

    Garbage is collected on Tuesdays and Fridays and owners are required to keep their cans inside the garage except on those days.

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